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Our Firm

Reinhardt is an international law firm

With offices in New York, Denver and Stuttgart and strong affiliations in Brazil (Duva Advogados Associados, with offices in São Paulo) and Germany (Pfefferle Helberg & Partner, with offices in Heilbronn, Dresden, Erfurt, and Plauen).

The strategic location of our offices, the wealth of our domestic and international practice experience, and the educational backgrounds of our lawyers, make Reinhardt a unique legal service provider for companies, high net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and investors operating both domestically and internationally.

The firm’s practice encompasses a wide variety of corporate, commercial, real estate, and private client services, with a special focus on cross-border transactions and transactions involving parties from multiple jurisdictions. As a full-service firm, we also counsel clients in the areas of and fashion, intellectual property, internet and technology, entertainment, tax, trust & estates, employment, business immigration, energy law, and litigation. The Firm regularly handles transactions of substantial complexity and size and represents clients from virtually all over the world.

Our clients include leading companies in a multitude of industries, including manufacturing, fashion, entertainment, hospitality, construction and real estate, technology, telecommunications, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, computer, as well as high-net worth individuals and investors and foreign governments.

Reinhardt’s lawyers have strong international backgrounds and long standing professional experience working with many different jurisdictions, including the United States, Canada, EU & Switzerland, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America & the Caribbean. This has enabled our lawyers to develop a deep understanding of different business and legal climates.

Our lawyers use their comparative law skills to guide clients smoothly through cross-border transactions, thus avoiding common pitfalls through careful planning and effective communication. In addition to English, our team of professionals speak German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

We leverage our experience, know-how and resources to provide customized,
high quality international legal services in an effective and cost efficient manner.